OSISM testbedΒΆ

With this testbed, it is possible to run a full OSISM installation, the baseline of the Sovereign Cloud Stack, on an existing OpenStack environment such as Cleura or Open Telekom Cloud. If you are looking for the full installation, head over to here: https://docs.osism.tech/

The testbed is intended as a playground. Further services and integration will be added over time. More and more best practices and experiences from the productive installations will be included here in the future. It will become more production-like over time. However, at no point does it claim to represent a production exactly.

The section How to contribute describes how to contribute to this testbed. Open Source Software lives from participation. We welcome any issues, change requests or general feedback. Do not hestiate to open an issue.

For the German-speaking readers, iX 2020/12 contains an article by Kurt Garloff titled Wolken-Verbund, in which, among other things, the OSISM testbed is briefly introduced.