Before starting the upgrade, the configuration repository on the manager node need to be prepared and updated.

The OSISM version need to be set to the new version:

# versions

ceph_manager_version: 2019.4.0
kolla_manager_version: 2019.4.0
osism_manager_version: 2919.4.0

Make sure, the file requirements.txt in the root directory of the configuration repository contains the following python modules:


Update the Python modules:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Next the configuration repository need to be synchronized with the master configuration repository. Run the following command from the root directory of the configuration repository at /opt/configuration/:

MANAGER_VERSION=2019.4.0 gilt overlay

Review the changes made to the configuration repository and commit the changes:

git diff
git add .
git commit -m "Upgrade MANAGER_VERSION=2019.4.0"
git push

The directories environments/manager/roles and environments/manager/.venv need to be deleted on the manager node.

rm -rf /opt/configuration/environments/manager/roles
rm -rf /opt/configuration/environments/manager/.venv

After updating the configuration repository, the manager is now updated.

osism-generic configuration
osism-manager manager


If encountering the following error message, while running osism-manager

ERROR! Attempting to decrypt but no vault secrets found

Place the vault password of the configuration repository into file in the users home folder and export the following environment variable:




The ARA 1.x introduced in 2019.4.0 is unfortunately not downward compatible to ARA 0.x.

Therefore, when upgrading the manager to 2019.4.0, the ARA database must be reset.

The following steps must be performed before upgrading the manager.

docker rm -f manager_database_1
docker volume rm manager_mariadb

The ARA configuration parameters must be removed from all ansible.cfg files. These are no longer necessary. Usually these parameters are only available in environments/ansible.cfg.

database = mysql+pymysql://ara:password@database/ara

The new secret ara_password is added to the environments/secrets.yml file.

# manager

ara_password: password

When using Ceph, the following groups must be added to the inventory. Insert after the ceph-osd group.

# NOTES: Subsequent groups necessary for compatibility to ceph-ansible. Don't change it.




# [rgws:children]
# ceph-rgw



The environment monitoring is deprecated. The associated Ansible roles and Docker images (Prometheus and Prometheus exporters) will be removed in a future release.