Delete expired events

By default the expiration of Panko events is disabled. This needs to be configured in the panko.conf first. The event_time_to_live is configured in seconds. So a two week cleanup time would be 1209600 seconds.

event_time_to_live = 1209600

After the configuration is rolled out (osism-kolla deploy panko -l control) the expired events can be cleaned up via

docker exec -it panko_api panko-expirer

In order to automatically clean up the entries a cronjob should be configured to run on a node where the panko_api container is running (one of the control nodes)

    - name: Cleanup panko db daily
        name: "cleanup panko db daily"
        minute: "43"
        hour: "1"
        job: /usr/bin/docker exec panko_api panko-expirer
        cron_file: osism
        user: "{{ operator_user }}"
      become: true
      delegate_to: testbed-node-1.osism.local